Body Composition Fat Analysis using Dexa Scan

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Lean tissue is a sign of health.  Excessive body fat is not. 
Your bathroom scale cannot tell the difference between the two, but our Body Composition Fat Analysis test using DEXA scan can!
This test is considered the GOLD STANDARD and no other test is as accurate in determining the percentage of body fat versus lean muscle mass and bone. 
Other tests that use electrical impedance (scales), skin fold measurements (calipers) and water displacement have a much lower level of accuracy and specificity.  Performing calculations alone using height and weight (Body Mass Index or BMI) can also be inaccurate.  Muscular individuals or athletes typically have increased muscle mass that can skew the results of  these tests, which, in turn, could cause them to lose more weight than what is considered healthy.  Trainers and doctors agree that knowing the precise percentage of body fat can improve their performance.
Body composition (relative amounts of fat and lean tissue) is determined by using an FDA approved done density machine (aka DEXA scan).   Patients are exposed to a minimal amount of radiation that is within an acceptable range (1-4 microSieverts).  This is less than that from an airplane flight across the country! 
The DEXA scan to determine body composition is also very easy and affordable. The patient rests on a table as a scanner passes over the body and the entire exam takes less than 30 minutes.
Pregnant females should not undergo DEXA scanning. Since the patient is exposed to very low doses of radiation, a physician must order this test.  This is an elective test and insurance does not cover it, so payment is required at time of appointment. 
If you have more questions, please call our office at (309) 743-0445.  Someone will be happy to help you.
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